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About Pisani Restoration

Restoring Trust With Quality Work since 2017, guaranteeing maximum attention to detail while minimising change of the natural appearance or architectural value of any type of building, when it comes to Stone Restoration, Structural Alterations and Construction work.


As of the start Pisani has been pushing to enable the company to continue growing and offering more solutions in the restoration and construction sphere.


Jonathan Pisani


Jonathan's passion kicked off as of the young age of 13. A simple excursion to Villa Bighi in Kalkara took so little for Jonathan to understand his passion for restoration. He was obsessed with the works on stone and wood amid others. This obsession flourished when he was assigned to shadow the restoration project on Kastilja, the office of the prime minister in Valletta.

Pisani Restoration started off in 2017 with facade stone and wood restorations to nowadays working on tender projects such as the Public Abattoir, pedestrian subway next to Bieb Il-Bombi in Floriana, and other works in the Fort St Elmo in Valletta. 


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